Scaffolding on the Isle of Wight

Wight Scaffold Limited Policies

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety is an integral part of Wight Scaffold Limited’s mission to improve Quality of Daily Life. We believe that integrating health & safety into everything we do will minimize risk to people and property.

The following mandatory principles define our expectations and guide our actions.

We are committed to providing working conditions and client services that are safe and healthy. Safety is a condition of employment for all Wight Scaffold Limited employees.

We will comply with all applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards and agreed client standards. We will assess risk and establish safe work systems and procedures to protect our employees, clients, customers and others affected by our business.

Wight Scaffold Limited’s values of team spirit, service spirit and spirit of progress are the foundation of Wight Scaffold Limited’s health and safety culture. Our senior leadership and all employees are expected to personally demonstrate their commitment to support and improve our health and safety culture.

We will clearly define management and employee health & safety responsibilities. All employees are required to observe our health & safety rules and procedures and use all health & safety equipment provided.

We will ensure our employees have an understanding of health & safety appropriate for their role. We will provide appropriate information, instruction and training required to work safely.

The engagement of our employees, clients, contractors, customers and suppliers is essential to improve safety behaviors and practices. To achieve this we will communicate and consult widely on health & safety matters.

We will maintain safe access and exit arrangements for all company workplaces. Established emergency procedures will be regularly tested and periodically reviewed.

We require all accidents and incidents to be reported as well as lessons learned implemented.

We will continuously improve our performance and to do this we will ensure adequate resources are provided.

We will regularly monitor and report on our health and safety management system to ensure it remains effective.

Quality Policy

Wight Scaffold is committed to providing the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

The managing director has ultimate responsibility for quality, but through the management structure, this responsibility is developed throughout the company. Quality is considered to be the responsibility of all our employees.

We nurture and culture throughout our company of:

Right first time - every time. Continuous improvement in everything we do.

We will specifically:

Continually train and develop our employees

Adopt Best Practice wherever possible

Work closely with our clients to monitor customer satisfaction, and identify opportunities for further improvements

Aim to always exceed our client’s expectations

"Striving to exceed our customers' expectations at all times"